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Coach Dane Whitted CSCS

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My goal is to deliver the best training possible for my wrestlers. I am dedicated to helping each athlete reach their full potential and become skilled competitors on the mat. My training methods are based on the latest research and techniques, proven by myself and my wrestlers. Wrestlers are hybrid athletes. Which means they need to be great in all categories of athleticism. In short, they need skills, strength, engine, and the mental tenacity of a warrior. The daily programming you will receive with your membership will address these issues:


Skills in the weight room and on the mat will be coached and trained in detail. You will learn the most optimal biomechanics and become a highly skilled mover.


I will teach you how to build soul crushing strength. We prioritize strength movements that matter to wrestlers. You will never lose due to a defecit in strength.


There is no event that will test an athlete's conditioning more than the third period of a hard fought wrestling match. Many matches are won by the wrestler who never stops moving. You will develop a formidable engine.


Wrestling is simulated battle. A warrior needs to learn how to turn on max aggression like a light switch. The docile wrestler will get destroyed. A wrestler also needs to have the mental strength to endure the most unpleasant of the unpleasant fights. No matter how dark, how unbearable the fight becomes, a warrior never quits, he only fights harder. Your training needs to create opportunities to practice these mental skills. Meaning, training won't be easy. There is no such thing as a strong body without a strong mind.

About Dane

Dane Whitted is the current Head Wrestling Coach for Upperman Highschool. He is the former owner of CrossFit Upper Edge and Lincoln Barbell. He is a U.S. Army combat veteran. He is a lifetime multisport collegiate athlete competing in wrestling, football, track, MMA, strongman, and CrossFit. He holds a Biological Psychology degree from Pace University and has completed the NSCA CSCS, NASM CFT, ISSA CFT, CF LV1, and CF LV2 certifications.

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Daily Programming that will enhance muscular and cardio-respiratory endurance.

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what our athletes say

You don't have to take my word for it!

"Thanks for working with me coach. My mental game improved like crazy and even though I got 4th (State), it was because of you. I beat someone who beat me before and someone else who has more experience than me. Thanks to your mental and skill training."

Jude Fitzpatrick

Wrestler, 4th place State Finisher

"Coach Whitted has coached two of my boys during their highschool wrestling careers. They both qualified for the State Championship. One placed 3rd as a freshman. Coach Whitted has been there every step of the way. He trained them to work hard and focus on self discipline. He not only trained their physical bodies but mentally as well. He is an asset and we are thankful to have him. He teaches strategies and execution. He pushed them to be better than they thought they could be. Highly recommended."

Missy Haney

Mother of Wrestlers

"I wrestled under coach Dane my senior year coming in with a little under 10 years experience. Coach Dane was able to expand my skill set and was able to change the way I train as well as get me in shape faster than any other coach. I went 30-7 this season using the knowledge that coach Dane gave me, and plan to continue using it as a college athlete both in life and on the mat. When you train with Coach Dane, he treats you like family and you can feel the love he has for you and the training you do."

Romeo Candalario

Upperman Highschool Wrestler

"Out of 244, 74 guys got selected (for Special Forces). It was f#cking brutal. I don't think I could have done it without all of those workouts that strengthened my mind. I owe some credit to you and those two years of workouts...Just wanted to let you know I finally graduate and get my beret in January. Those days of killing myself finally paid off. I definitely wouldn't have been able to make it without you and all those grueling workouts! It's the mindset that pushes people through. I'll make sure to keep you updated though! I hope the family is doing well...Those 2 years with you definitely pushed me to be able to do what I do today. I believe God put you in my path for a reason and I could never thank you enough for what you did for me."

Adam James

U.S. Army Special Forces
built by Dane Whitted